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Secured homeowner loans are necessary for all sorts of reasons. Secured loans is a type of loan that is ’secured’ on an asset that you own, most likely your home but some lenders will even offer you a quote based on your car’s value. The amount you are able to borrow and the interest rate that is offered to you is dependent on several factors including your credit history and the amount of equity that you have available in your home.

As you are borrowing and using your home as security you should be aware that if you are unable to pay and can’t agree a different repayment schedule with your lender that they could repossess your home to try and recoup their money.

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Uses of a secured homeowner loan

Home Improvements – which can especially be costly undertakings. There are many ways in which home improvements can benefit people’s lives but none of these benefits will happen if the funds are not there to pay for the improvements. Some of the potential benefits of home improvement loans follow.

Debt Consolidation – if your debts are on high interest then it is a reasonable approach to use your homes equity, increase your mortgage (which should be a cheaper interest rate) and pay off your debt.


School fees

Doctor / hospital fees

New car(s)

And many more…

Home improvement loans – general maintenance

Home improvement loans are sometimes necessary for the general upkeep of a home. Homes can age and deteriorate. The internal systems of homes were not meant to last forever and need to be repaired or replaced at some point.

But what if you do not have the money lying around to cover the costs of these improvements? If you leave these problems unattended then they could become safety issues and they could continue to get worse. The next logical step if you do not have the funds available to take care of the problem is to get a loan.

Increased home value

The right home improvements can drastically improve the value of a home. In many cases, you can earn back the amount of the loan many times over if you strategically plan out the home improvements that will raise the value of a home the most. You can also use these improvements to earn more money on the sale of a home while making the home more enticing to buyers so that it will sell more quickly. But you can only take this route if you already have the financial means to pay for these home improvements or if you can secure a home improvement loan.

Getting a homeowner loan

The answer to these situations seems to clearly be a home improvement loan. This type of loan typically has a repayment period of anywhere from a few years to a few decades depending on the type of quotes you can get. With a homeowner loan quote from Ascot Mortgages Ltd you can receive multiple quotes from an entire panel of lenders so you will know what options are available to you. The specific details will depend upon your unique situation but our site will give you a starting point by letting you know what types of loans can help you to accomplish your home improvement goals.

Home improvement loans are self-explanatory and essential for many and with these you should be able to make home improvements whenever you want.

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