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There are literally thousands of mortgage products available from hundreds of lenders. Many people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of searching for the best deal. In fact, we reckon that people will spend more time deciding which mortgage to use, than which house you want to buy! That is unless you use a broker such as Ascot Mortgages who will do all the leg work for you.

Ascot Mortgages can quickly and precisely review your best mortgage options. We are careful to check all the finer details which ensures that a deal that looks good, really is good, as all too often, if a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. Not always though – and we are here to find them for you.

  • Experienced, comprehensive mortgage brokers
  • Free initial financial advice
  • Simple, fast, hassle-free service
  • We will search across the market for you

Using an experienced mortgage broker

Arranging a mortgage can be one of the most exciting but stressful tasks that you have to do. There seems to be another language of acronyms and a whole range of pitfalls waiting to snare the unsuspecting buyer as they seek to arrange a mortgage to finance their dream home. Often, when arranging a mortgage, you can get carried away with the home that you have seen and desperately wish to purchase, and it has been known for buyers to get distracted with the property and sign up for a deal that, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the best one for them.

For this reason mortgage brokers are a great place to start. Ascot Mortgages are a perfect example of how having a mortgage broker who knows the market can work for you: this means that we can access any deal across the UK mortgage market. As we deal daily with mortgages, we are up to date and in the loop with the best deals and any changes taking place. We are impartial and often have a range of contacts across different lenders, with no incentive to ‘sell’ a particular one, and an interest in acting in the needs of our client.

Mortgage brokers are accountable for recommending a certain mortgage

As mortgage brokers, here at Ascot Mortgages we have a duty of care to you and we have to justify why we have recommended a certain product or lender to you. By using a mortgage broker there is more accountability for you should things go wrong.

Mortgage brokers can take advantage of good relationships with lenders

Brokers, by virtue of dealing with lenders daily, tend to build professional relationships and so can often make sure that they take full advantage of their best offers and options. As we deal with lenders on a daily basis we know who to contact and how to get your application placed with no delay. Also knowing that the broker deals with lenders daily means that they have their reputation to protect and so you can be even more reassured that they are going to act in a professional and honest manner for you. It is this relationship, based on respect and honesty, which means that brokers can often get you the best deal from lenders and so are a great option.

Using a mortgage broker can save you the time

Not only can visiting numerous lenders be a hassle and time killer, it can also have a detrimental effect on your credit score if you apply to different lenders. As credit is harder to get as a result of the economic difficulties that have arisen over the past five years, it is not a great idea to be having multiple lenders carry out various credit checks against your file as it might make lenders suspicious and wary of lending to you in the future. Not to mention the tedium of filling out numerous mortgage applications and credit scoring forms!

Many brokers, such as us here at Ascot Mortgages, are willing to have a no-obligation consultation with clients. These initial meetings are free of charge and means that you can decide what it is that you need from a product, without being pressured into a hard sell. Therefore, we challenge you to give us a call today and see for yourself how easy we can make the purchase of your dream property!

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