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5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

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5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages are one of the most favourable mortgage options available to homeowners and one that Ascot Mortgages can help you to decide if it is the right option for you. As an experienced mortgage broker, Ascot Mortgages can help you to find the best mortgage, efficiently, and the many benefits of 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals means that they are well worth some consideration.

A 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage ensures 5 years of certainty, that is 5 years of peace of mind that your monthly payment will stay the same no matter what happens to the banks’ interest rates. Whether you are a first time buyer or you hold an existing mortgage – by switching to a 5 Year Fixed Mortgage you can enjoy long term stability which in our current economic climate can be especially helpful.

Ascot Mortgages are experts in finding and securing the right mortgage for all our customers, please get in touch today for a free initial mortgage consultation.

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Finding the best and cheapest 5 year fixed rate mortgage deal

Whether you are a first time buyer, or a seasoned property veteran looking to move to a new property, a 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Deal is an affordable option. It ensures that you can budget effectively on a monthly basis, so that you can keep track of exactly what will be coming out of your bank account each month, particularly beneficial as prices of other goods and products continue to rise. The relatively low Bank of England base rate means that, even if you do not have much capital to invest in your property in a deposit, you are still likely to benefit from low monthly repayments. In addition, the interest rate that you would receive on a 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Deal will be based on how much you wish to borrow, meaning that it is likely to have a correlation with where you are in the property market and what your monthly budget is likely to be. In short, it means that it is not a blanket interest rate that it is indiscriminate between a £70,000 and a £900,000 property for instance, again making the repayments affordable. There are a wide range of mortgage lenders who offer 5 Year Fixed Rate Deals, however Ascot Mortgages will take care of any comparisons that need to be made, ensuring that you get the most cost effective offer for your circumstances and budget.

Are 5 year fixed rate mortgages the best mortgage for you?

In addition there are further benefits. Fixing your mortgage for five years not only ensures security and stability, but it also means that once the term is up you can look at other options and ensure that you continue to get the best deal. The five-year term is generally the longest on the market, meaning that you can enjoy the stability and peace of mind across 60 months. It is also a mortgage that is relatively inclusive, meaning that it is suitable and available for first time buyers, those seeking to re-mortgage, house movers and also people who are self-employed. This means that Ascot Mortgages can find the best 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Deal for you, regardless of the reason why you need your mortgage. Ascot Mortgages are market leaders, well established and able to tailor a bespoke package for you, whilst providing a free initial consultation so that they can capture your requirements in detail.

Free initial advice to help you find a 5 year fixed mortgage

The end of your fixed rate deal does not have to mean a rapid inflation in your monthly mortgage repayments as you move on the lender’s SVR. By taking advantage of Ascot Mortgage’s free initial consultation, you can continue to enjoy the stability and security that a fixed monthly amount provides and ensure that you can continue to enjoy your hard-earned home without worrying about how much your mortgage will cost you.

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