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Why Choose Ascot Mortgages

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5-star reviews on Google
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total donated to various charities
years we have been as independent mortgage and protection brokers
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customer satisfaction for finding the best deals on the UK market

When you’re in the market for a 70% LTV mortgage, it’s crucial to partner with an expert who can guide you through the labyrinth of lenders, interest rates, fees, and repayment options. That’s where Ascot Mortgages comes in.

With years of experience in providing personalised mortgage advice, we at Ascot Mortgages are committed to helping you find the best 70 LTV mortgages to suit your individual needs. From the initial application to the moment you get the keys to your new property, we’ll be with you every step of the way, offering our expert advice to ensure you make the most informed choices.

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5.0 Based on 122 reviews from review us onLucy B. ★★★★★ Having Phil as my mortgage advisor was great from the very start! He is down to earth and speaking to him was always a pleasure. The kindness, compassion and support I have been given all the way through what can be a stressful process was immeasurable. Phil and Jardelle worked as a solid team and was able to make me feel at ease all the way through buying my first home. The team were always available and the communication between everyone was always clear and I felt safe in the hands of the company as a whole. Thank you for helping me buy my first home!Flora R. ★★★★★ I worked with Richard (Protection Adviser) for a couple of days to sort out life and critical illness insurance. Absolutely brilliant, he found me and my husband the perfect policy. Very knowledgeable and easy to get on, he definetely makes things easy to understand. Thank you for the great service provided.Matthew R. ★★★★★ I've dealt with Phil at Ascot Mortgages for a while now and Phil always comes back back to me with the right plan.Keep the good work up!rafal W. ★★★★★ I would thoroughly recommend Phil Greenwood at Ascot Mortgages ltd to anyone looking to seek advice on purchasing a home.Phil was absolutely fantastic. He made the process very smooth and easy and was always there to answer any questions I had.Shahid L. ★★★★★ This company has been truly amazing in constantly giving me the support and help i need for my mortgage and for their continuous work ethic guiding customers like myself and educating them into making the best possible decisions. My special mention goes to Phil Greenwood who deserves every single credit for his brilliant work and communication skills. The more I got to work with Phil, the more he gained my respect as he is a hugely likeable man and possibly the best mortgage advisor yet. Even after I finished my time with Ascot Mortgages, I will never lose my trust in the company and I hope they exceed their business and gain even more success and popularity.Best wishes,Shahid Latif and familyPretty L. ★★★★★ Phil helped me renew my mortgage. He was great at keeping me updated with any rate changes and secured a lower rate than at the time my mortgage went through. Thank you Ascot for your supportNikki E. ★★★★★ Huge thanks to Richard Johnson for sorting out all of my insurance policies! I had accumulated a variety of life cover and various other policies over the years that all needed a good review and refresh. Richard was extremely patient and helped me to remove the duplication and choose the best cover to suit our current needs. I have used Ascot Mortgages for over 12 years and have met several members of the team, always finding the right help and support to work through what can be a complicated and stressful time. Thanks again, Richard!Aamir R. ★★★★★ As first time buyers we had very little understanding of how to go about applying for a mortgage. Phil was so helpful in cutting through all of the formalities and helping us to decide which mortgage would be best for us also ensured we collated all the details needed and kept us up to date on progress. The process of finding the right house was very stressful but the process of choosing and applying for the mortgage and life cover has been so straight forward that, at times, we were worried it was all a bit too smooth! Thank you for guiding us through this so professionally and with real understanding and personality.Andrew T. ★★★★★ Working with Richard at Ascot has been a great experience. He listened to us and was very professional throughout. This was our first experience with Richard but we've been using Ascot now for 6-7 years. Thank you all at AscotAngie B. ★★★★★ Always give a great service and find you a mortgage in a timely fashion.Alison is awesomeAndrew M. ★★★★★ We have used Ascot Mortgages for over 5 years now and have had excellent service throughout, primarily with Alison and Kevin. Our latest dealings have been with Richard Johnson who although new to us (and to Ascot I believe) has once again provided the 5 star level of service we have come to expect. His product knowledge is excellent offering a range of options supported with consistent communication and updates, always available on the phone or on email every step of the way.Ali H ★★★★★ Excellent service, a big thanks to Natalia Barry for her excellent support with my buy to let mortgage application, Natalia was professional, transparent, and kept me informed during all the process, and thanks to Jason jones for his assistance and support.david R. ★★★★★ I have dealt with Ascot for many years now and will always go back, recently had all my insurances re done by Richard Johnston at the firm, excellent service, communication and swift actions by Richard. Great deals on all three insurances and would recommend anybody to go to Richard for help. Thanks Richard 👍Eve Alexandra C. ★★★★★ We used Ascot Mortgages to purchase a home as first time buyers, Ellie assisted us with this and went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly, all questions were answered, and any queries were solved.As first time buyers, myself and my partner were quite nervous and clueless as to what to expect when getting a mortgage and what not, and Ellie made this so simple and explained everything in a way that we thoroughly understood what was happening with our house buying journey, without it being pure jargon.I can't thank Ellie enough, she truly has been a star during the whole experience and is an asset to Ascot Mortgages.She is someone who I would definitely recommend to friends and family if the opportunity arises, and has made this whole experience a very stress free and exciting one!Thank you for everything Ellie!Emma W. ★★★★★ Alison helped me to get the right mortgage for my current situation and was very supportivehelen L. ★★★★★ Phil Greenwood dealt with my recent remortgage, he made sure I had the best product to fit our HMO criteria. Then chased solicitors for me and made sure I completed around the date I wanted to avoid my ridiculous rate I was about to be switched to. Thanks Phil, great job! Ready for my next mortgage now so I will be coming back 🙂Mark C ★★★★★ Excellent service from an excellent representative. Very professional and helpful company. Thank you for all your helpDamian L. ★★★★★ I recently purchased a buy-to-let from Auction and Ascot Mortgages, in tandem with Ascot Bridging Finance, supported me through the whole process. Once the property purchase via a bridging loan was complete, Ascot Mortgages worked out the best options for me, despite the Banks rising interest rates and spiralling UK inflation and managed to secure me a competitive mortgage rate for that property. I wouldn't hesitate in going back to Ascot Mortgages in the future and look forward to working with them again in the near future. Thank you for everything you've doneJuliet B. ★★★★★ Thank you to Alison for helping us and sorting out our mortgage. Swift, reliable and very helpful. Very much appreciated. God bless you abundantly 👍👌🤝gareth P. ★★★★★ Been with Alison and team for more than 25 years. Needless to say, very happy...Jo T. ★★★★★ We have been using Ascot Mortgages for the last few years and they have done 11 buy to let products for us.We have found Alison, Phil, Jason, Jardelle and the team to be excellent at finding the best product for us and to work at pace when we are buying from auction and have a deadline to meet.Communication is very good and nothing is too much troubleBen H. ★★★★★ I can't recommend Ascot Mortgages highly enough.We have used them for all of our Mortgages . They are professional and friendly and have walked us through all our options, they always have the time to talk to you and go the extra mile to get you the best deal. It wont be long till I'm calling on their services again, I wouldn't go anywhere else.If you want a mortgage, there's only one place to go!Dog J. ★★★★★ Ascot went the extra mile to help me acquire a mortgage. With the help of Jason and Ellie I was able to get a competitive rate after 3 other firms had told me they couldn't help me. Great levels of communication throughout, I would highly recommend!Ursula B. ★★★★★ Alison was very friendly and professional in securing the right bridging for us and at a very competative price. This ensured that we were able to place an immediate offer and not miss out on our forever home. Later her help and support in finally getting our completion over the line was nothing short of a miracle. I would strongly recommend both Alison and the team at Ascot Mortgages.primrose C. ★★★★★ ALISON IS BY FAR THE BEST IN THE GAME. ALL WE CAN SAY IS THANK YOU SO MUCH. They are passionate on customer service, even in my frustrated time Alison, Jadelle, Ellie I could name them all. May the good LORD BLESS YOU.js_loader

Written by:

Alison Gibson

Ascot Mortgage Expert

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Written by:

Alison Gibson

Ascot Mortgage Expert

Last Updated:


What is a 70% LTV Mortgage?

A 70% LTV mortgage means that you’ll be borrowing 70% of the property’s value, while putting down a 30% deposit. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): This is the percentage of the property’s value that you’ll be borrowing. In this case, it’s 70%.
  • Deposit: The remaining 30% that you’ll be paying upfront.
  • Property Value: The total value of the property you’re looking to buy.

So, for a £300,000 property:

– 70% LTV loan = £210,000

– 30% deposit = £90,000

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

How do 70% LTV Mortgages Work?

The dynamics of a 70% LTV mortgage are straightforward but involve a few steps:


  1. Applying: Once you decide on a lender, you apply for a mortgage where you’ll borrow 70% of the property’s value.
  2. Approval: The lender assesses your application, including credit checks, to decide if you’re eligible.
  3. Loan Agreement: Upon approval, the lender will issue a loan agreement detailing the terms, repayment schedule, interest rate, and any fees involved.


  1. Monthly Payments: Every month, you’ll need to make payments that consist of both principal and interest.   
  2. Interest Rates: Depending on the deal you’ve chosen, you may have a fixed, variable, or tracker rate. 
  3. Duration: The length of your mortgage term will affect how much you pay monthly.

Property Ownership

  1. Immediate Ownership: Even though the mortgage isn’t fully paid, you become the property owner once the deal is closed.
  2. Full Ownership: You’ll own the property outright after the loan is entirely paid off.

Why Get a 70% LTV Mortgage?

Here are some compelling reasons why you might opt for a 70% LTV mortgage:

  • Lower Interest Rates: Generally, the lower the LTV, the lower the interest rates offered by lenders. 
  • Easier Approval: A 30% deposit mortgage is a strong indicator to lenders of your financial stability.
  • Flexibility: This LTV allows for a balanced loan amount that offers room for negotiating terms.  
  • Better Deals: With a larger deposit, you often have access to the best 70% LTV mortgages available.
  • Equity: You immediately own a larger portion of your property, giving you more money in your pocket if you decide to sell.

What Types of 70% LTV Mortgage Rates Could I Get?

There are various types of interest rates available with 70% LTV mortgages:

  1. Fixed-Rate: Your interest remains constant for a specified period, offering predictable payments.
  2. Tracker Rate: This follows a particular index, typically the Bank of England base rate, plus a set margin.
  3. Discounted Rate: A reduction on the lender’s standard variable rate for a specific time.
  4. Capped Rate: Your rate won’t go above a certain level, but can vary below that cap.
  5. Standard Variable Rate (SVR): The lender’s default rate that you’ll likely move to after any introductory deal ends.
  6. Standard Variable Rate (SVR): The lender’s default rate that you’ll likely move to after any introductory deal ends.

Alison Gibson

Ascot Mortgage Expert


Remortgaging is applied when you keep

living in your present property while applying for another mortgage deal with a new lender. Before finding out how to remortgage and get the best offers from experts like Ascot Mortgages, you have to check meeting what parameters of the deal that can help you succeed the most. The range of background factors varies a lot — from the recently changed loan-to-value ratio or your existing agreement coming to an end.

Whether you are trying to get a more beneficial deal or searching for funding to improve your home conditions, remortgaging is one of the most advantageous scenarios to consider.

Advantages of 70% LTV Mortgages

Financial Benefits

  • Lower Monthly Repayments: Due to lower interest rates.
  • Access to Better Deals: The best 70% LTV mortgages usually offer more favourable terms. 
  • Room for Additional Borrowing: Potential for a second mortgage or loan based on the equity you build.

Personal Benefits

  • Financial Stability: A 30% deposit mortgage reduces the risk of negative equity.  
  • Freedom: Greater flexibility in choosing properties and negotiating terms.  
  • Peace of Mind: Lower risk and predictable repayments offer greater peace of mind.

Disadvantages of 70% LTV Mortgages

  • High Initial Deposit: A 30% deposit mortgage can be difficult to save for.  
  • Reduced Liquidity: A substantial amount of your money is tied up in property.
  • Missed Investment Opportunities: Your large deposit could potentially be invested elsewhere for a better return.
  • Market Risks: Although less likely, a 70% LTV does not completely insulate you from negative market trends.

Making an informed choice when it comes to a 70% LTV mortgage will involve considering your unique circumstances and consulting with an expert like Ascot Mortgages. Always consider the rate, fees, and other terms in the offer. Take your time, compare lenders, and you’ll find the best 70 LTV mortgages tailored for you. Feel free to reach out to Ascot Mortgages; we’re always here to help!

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Absolutely! A 70% LTV mortgage can be utilised for remortgaging or refinancing purposes. If you have built up at least 30% equity in your property, you can explore the option of remortgaging at this LTV to potentially secure a better interest rate or to release some equity from your home.

The repayment term for a 70% LTV mortgage typically varies based on the borrower’s age, preference and circumstances. In the UK, standard mortgage terms are generally between 25 to 35 years although with some lenders 40 years. However, shorter or longer terms might be available based on your financial situation, age, and the lender’s criteria. It’s always best to discuss your preferences with a mortgage advisor to find a term that aligns with your financial goals.

Yes, many lenders accept gifted funds as a deposit for a 70% LTV mortgage. However, there are often specific criteria to meet. The person gifting the funds (often a family member) may need to provide a written confirmation that the money is a gift and not a loan, meaning there’s no expectation for the money to be repaid. It’s essential to check with individual lenders about their policies and requirements related to gifted deposits.

The mortgage application process for a 70% LTV mortgage typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks from the initial application to receiving a formal mortgage offer and then between 8 – 12 weeks for legal completion. However, this can vary depending on the lender’s processing times, the complexity of the application, and how promptly you provide the necessary documentation. Working with a mortgage advisor can sometimes expediate the process and provide clarity on expected timeframes.

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