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If you need to relocate your business quickly and are in need of fast property finance then the most appropriate finance solution can be to apply for a commercial bridging loan. Commercial bridging loans are designed to help businesses of any size bridge the gap between the acquisition of a new property and the sale of an existing property.

Until 2008 there were a relatively large number of commercial bridging finance brokers operating within the UK however this reduced significantly with the market slowdown. Finding the right commercial property finance is better sourced with the help of an expert broker such as Ascot Bridging Finance.

Facilitate a Business Relocation

You may have decided to relocate your company to a different area of town where a more prominent position is obtainable. The office building you currently own is up for sale and a commercial mortgage decision is taking too long. Competitors have also viewed the new property and will shortly make an offer in cash. A commercial loan can be quickly arranged allowing you to exchange contracts as a matter of urgency in to use commercial property finance with purchase the new property.

Commercial property or land can purchased by using Commercial bridging finance for a whole variety of business finance requirements. Commercial bridging loans can be the perfect solution to a financial problem, there are several other uses for commercial bridging loan: Funding stock purchases, Expanding or relocating premises, company re-establishing and avoiding bankruptcy. Commercial loans are adjustable enough to adapt most circumstances.

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