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With so many mortgages available, how do you find exactly the best mortgage deal for you?

Searching for the very best mortgage deals can feel a bit like looking for the lost City of Atlantis! Not only have you got hundreds of potential mortgage lenders to look at, but each lender can have hundreds of different mortgage products!

Comparison websites can seem like quick way to sort through them, but did you know that they don’t search all the lenders, and even those lenders they do search don’t include the exclusive deals which are reserved for brokers and / or existing customers! Remember, these exclusive deals are not available on the high street either.

No wonder finding that perfect mortgage can seem like an impossible task even for the most financially savvy! Ascot Mortgages are the experts when it comes to finding precisely the best mortgage deal for our customers. We will find you a great mortgage deal quickly and without any fuss.

Just fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your mortgage requirements and show you how much you could save by using Ascot Mortgages to arrange your next mortgage.

Tips on how to find the very best mortgage deal…

Ascot Mortgages are an experienced mortgage advisors with access to a comprehensive range of mortgage lenders. This includes some of the best mortgage deals which are currently from private banks who are, believe it or not, notoriously private!

The availability of mortgages is driven, amongst other things, by lenders’ appetites to lend money. It is also worth noting that some of the best mortgage deals available are not displayed on the internet or in the high street and can only obtained via a mortgage broker such as Ascot Mortgages.

If you are someone that is looking for a new mortgage or looking in to the possibility of remortgaging, then obviously you want to get the best deal on your new mortgage. When looking for the best mortgage deals it is important that you are able to compare mortgage interest rates; mortgage fees (both upfront fees and those added to the mortgage); exit fees; tie in duration, are the main ones, however there are many other factors which may need to be considered. We put all this together for you and shortlist the best mortgages for you and discuss each one with you in detail.

Getting the best mortgage deal in the market today can be something of a challenge. What constitutes the best mortgage deal is not easy to find out either – the best mortgage deal for you is not necessarily the best mortgage deal for somebody else.

Ascot Mortgages are experts in finding precisely the best mortgage deal for you. We need to ask a few questions about your current situation and what you need the new mortgage for, and from that we can match you up with the perfect deals.

Questions we usually need to ask

The value or the purchase price of the property in question and how much you need to borrow.

Are you looking for a tracker mortgage or a fixed rate mortgage?
If you are not sure we will explain the difference to you.

What is the mortgage for? This can be simply to lower your monthly repayments, or reduce the term of your mortgage, or you could be looking to stretch your borrowing and need a mortgage deal which will maximise any capital or equity you already have to enable you to borrow more. Or you could be a first time buyer looking for a good deal on a high LTV mortgage.

Whatever the purpose of the mortgage it needs a great deal of consideration which is something your Ascot Mortgage Advisor will take the time to consider in detail.

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