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Frequently asked questions on commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan for property that is not the borrower’s main residence. A commercial mortgage can be used to purchase residential property, or by a business to purchase offices, workshops, retail units and

Rental yields strong in most UK areas

A report on the website Property Reporter in April 2017 showed that rental yields on residential properties remain strong, even though rents have fallen in some areas. The best areas for

Lenders adapt to changing conditions for new commercial property investors

There have been increased pressures on buy-to-let landlords, what with stricter affordability tests and decreases to tax relief on

Rail links influence buying decisions by property investors

A new survey has found that nearly two thirds of property investors rate new or upgraded rail links as a major influence on their property buying decisions. The survey, quoted by the

Cuts to tax benefits on commercial mortgages hit landlords

As of April 6, there have been changes in the allowance of tax relief on commercial mortgages for buy-to-let landlords. Previously tax relief was based on the tax rate that landlords normally pay tax one, but now there is a

How to find funding for back garden property development

Many people with large back gardens are tempted to make extra money by building a new house on their land that can be rented for extra income, or sold at

Jump in bridging loan applications from smaller buy-to-let investors

During the summer of 2016 the number of bridging loan applications from smaller buy-to-let investors reduced, but has now recovered. The latest report from the

New changes affecting commercial property owners

Now April is here, a number of legal changes in commercial property are about to come into effect. As of this month, businesses will

Many landlords swerve stamp duty increases by going semi-commercial

The website reported in March 2017 that over the six-month period from October 2016 to March 2017, one commercial mortgage lender had seen a

New ruling may help owners of empty commercial properties

Owners of empty commercial property that is being refurbished normally have to pay business rates set according to the full ratable value of the property when occupied. However, this