When you choose Ascot Mortgages as your commercial mortgage advisor and broker, we manage the mortgage process from start to finish. This begins with finding the right mortgage offer to suit your requirements.

We then deal with all the complex paperwork and communicate directly with the lender’s Commercial Manager to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly.

Using a commercial mortgage advisor means that you are protected. If the advice proves to be wrong, then businesses can complain and receive compensation. If you go direct to a mortgage lender and subsequently find that you have not got a good deal, then it’s your responsibility. The only responsibility that the lender has is to make sure that your business can afford the mortgage repayments.

What makes commercial mortgage advisors so valuable?

All mortgage advisors need qualifications that are recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This provides the assurance that their advice can be relied upon.

Another reason why a commercial mortgage advisor is worth using is that they have access to a wide range of commercial mortgage deals. Advisors at Ascot Mortgages work for you, which means that they are interested in finding the best deals to suit your requirements. Since Ascot Mortgages’ advisors are not restricted to one or two lenders, we can offer unbiased advice on what deal is in your best interests.

The regulations on the commercial property market are frequently changing, particularly in the buy-to-let investment market. A commercial mortgage advisor keeps up with the latest news and changes. He or she can help you understand the financial implications of new regulations.

A commercial mortgage advisor creates a lot of business for the lenders he or she deals with, and is more valuable to them than an individual borrower. As a consequence, many lenders will take more notice of a request by a commercial mortgage advisor than an individual. This is especially useful if the deal gets held up, as a phone call from a mortgage advisor cans speed things along.

Can’t price comparison sites do this?

Many business use mortgage price comparison sites to find out what deals are out there. This is fine if a business wants to get an idea on the type of deals available, but the many deals on offer can be confusing. A mortgage broker will look at all your requirements and will be in a position to help you make a clear and wise choice for your lending needs.

Ascot Mortgages has Lloyds Bank ‘Broker Status’, and this is an accreditation that is not given out lightly. We have excellent relationships with all our lenders, including the major high street banks such as Santander and Barclays.

There are many reasons to apply for a commercial mortgage, whether it’s to purchase property for business expansion, to invest in the buy-to-let property market or to remortgage in order to release equity in an existing property. If you already have a commercial mortgage, Ascot Mortgages may be able to help you remortgage for a better deal.

For all your commercial mortgage queries, Contact Ascot Mortgages today and talk to one of our friendly and professional advisors.

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