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Written by:

Alison Gibson

Ascot Mortgage Expert

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Written by:

Alison Gibson

Ascot Mortgage Expert

Last Updated:


Welcome to Ascot Mortgages, where we transform your housing dreams into a reality. As a seasoned mortgage expert, I, Alison Gibson, have seen the ebbs and flows of the mortgage landscape, and one question that often surfaces is: What does it take for professionals, especially educators, to own their dream home? In this article, we will explore the nuances of mortgages for teachers, delving into the specifics that make this journey unique for such a vital profession.

Is it difficult for teachers to get a mortgage?

The simple answer is no. Teachers are viewed by lenders as stable and reliable borrowers due to their professional status and steady income. However, there are unique factors in a teacher’s career – such as pay scales, contract types, and income sources – that can make the mortgage process slightly more complex. The good news is, with the right guidance and knowledge of the market, teachers can navigate these waters with ease.

Can teachers get better mortgage rates?

Teachers may have access to competitive mortgage rates through professional mortgage deals. These deals are designed for certain job roles, and teachers often qualify due to their professional status. Lenders might offer better rates to teachers because they represent a lower risk compared to other borrowers. This, coupled with the job security associated with the teaching profession, can make teachers attractive candidates for favourable mortgage rates.

Mortgages for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

For NQTs, the question of ‘when’ you might qualify for a mortgage is particularly pertinent. Stepping onto the property ladder is exciting but can feel daunting fresh out of university. Fear not, as newly qualified teachers can access mortgages designed to cater to their unique circumstances. Lenders consider the future potential of an NQT’s career, and some mortgage products take into account the expected rise in a teacher’s salary.

Mortgages for Supply Teachers

Supply teachers face their own set of challenges when securing a mortgage, mainly due to their variable income. However, numerous lenders understand the nature of supply work and can offer flexible mortgages for teachers in these roles. The key is to demonstrate income consistency over a period of time, which can reassure lenders of your ability to pay.

Professional Mortgages for Teachers

As a teacher, your job is not just a profession but a passport to potentially advantageous mortgage products. Professional mortgages are exclusive deals available to certain vocations, including teaching. These mortgage offers might include higher borrowing multiples and lower interest rates, acknowledging the stability and respect that comes with the teaching profession.

Who can get a professional mortgage?

Professional mortgages are not available to everyone, and qualifying for them requires you to meet specific criteria set out by the lender. Generally, this includes being a member of a recognized professional body or having a job in a certain profession, such as teaching. Teachers, given their professional status, often meet these requirements, making them ideal candidates for such mortgages.

Getting a Mortgage as a Retired Teacher

What about educators who have moved beyond the classroom? Retired teachers can still get a mortgage, although the process may look different. Lenders will consider your pension income and possibly other assets you might have. It’s important to work with a broker to understand which lenders offer the best deals for retired professionals.


Navigating the world of mortgages can be complex, but teachers have a variety of options at their disposal. Whether you’re a newly qualified teacher, a supply teacher, or even enjoying retirement, there is a mortgage solution out there for you. Remember, professional advice is invaluable, so consider speaking with a mortgage advisor to understand which products best suit your needs.

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Alison Gibson is a seasoned mortgage expert at Ascot Mortgages, specialising in providing bespoke mortgage advice to professionals across the UK. To find your match and start your journey towards your ideal mortgage, you can reach out to us directly at 01925 711558 or send an inquiry through our online platform.

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