Collegiate offers luxury student housing partnership service

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High-end student accommodation provider Collegiate is offering a partnership service for people who want to invest in luxury student accommodation.

According to the Cushman Wakefield Student Accommodation Annual Report, in 2017 the number of new bed spaces for students reached a record of 30,000. The total number of purpose-built bed spaces in the UK is 602,000 in the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Collegiate Advantage service shares Collegiate’s expertise in providing luxury purpose-built student accommodation. The service covers all aspects of student accommodation, design, construction, and long-term service operations.

Heriberto Cuanalo, Collegiate CEO, said:

“Too many companies position themselves as student accommodation managers, without considering the bigger picture. That’s why we’ve developed the Collegiate Advantage programme, based on our work on over 500 development projects in the UK and overseas, where we’ve served students from more than 100 countries.”

The Collegiate service is an end-to-end package from the design stage to the delivery of added services such as cleaning, communal areas and Wi-Fi that many modern students are prepared to pay premium rents for.

Some landlords are attracted to the student accommodation sector, but should realise that student accommodation is not just a case of raising capital through a commercial mortgage. Landlords and developers need to know what today’s modern students want from their accommodations services. The Collegiate Advantage system is designed to help developers avoid costly mistakes in this specialist accommodation area.

Collegiate is actively looking for development partners in the UK and other countries.

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