Simon Glass

Senior Mortgage Operations Manager

Simon Glass is a highly accomplished professional in the financial services sector, boasting over 20 years of experience, with 15 of those dedicated specifically to the mortgage industry. Simon has risen through the ranks, holding roles such as Underwriter, Adviser, Business Development Manager, and Head of New Business at a small Building Society.

Educational Background and Qualifications

His academic journey began with a passion for sports, leading him to obtain a BTEC Diploma in Sport. His commitment to his career in finance is demonstrated by his qualifications, including CeMAP and PRINCE2 certifications, which equip him with a robust foundation for his roles in mortgage advising and management.

Versatile Expertise

Simon has a rich history of roles across the financial spectrum, from Senior Operations Manager in Corporate Banking to his current focus in the mortgage sector. His expertise primarily lies in residential mortgages, with a recent specialisation in niche segments such as self-build, later life, and semi-commercial mortgages. His broad experience provides him with a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage market.

Client-Centric Philosophy

Simon’s approach to client service is built on four main principles: client focus, communication, integrity, and excellence. He is committed to placing clients at the core of every decision, maintaining open and honest communication, and upholding the highest ethical standards—all while striving for excellence in every task.

Professional Development and Industry Engagement

Simon stays at the forefront of industry developments through daily updates from key organisations such as UK Finance, IMLA, The Building Societies Association, and the FCA. His dedication to continuous learning and professional growth ensures that he is always equipped to navigate the ever-changing mortgage landscape.

Personal Values and Experiences

Continuous learning, resilience, and adaptability are the cornerstones of Simon’s professional ethos. These values were especially crucial during significant career transitions, such as his shift back into the mortgage industry following redundancy during the 2008 financial crisis. His experiences have instilled a deep resilience and adaptability, crucial traits in the dynamic field of mortgages.

Daily Professional Life

In his daily work, Simon is deeply involved in helping clients achieve their dream homes, developing his team, and enhancing operational processes. His leadership is characterised by a proactive approach to team development and process improvement, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients and a rewarding environment for his team.

Life Beyond the Office

Outside of his professional life, Simon is an avid fitness enthusiast. He has run the Berlin marathon, practises karate, and has trained in various martial arts, including muay thai and boxing. He enjoys travelling and exploring the UK, particularly Cornwall, and Devon, with his family and their energetic Labrador, Millie.

Simon combines deep industry knowledge with a passion for service and leadership, making him a valuable asset to the UK mortgage industry. His career is distinguished by a relentless pursuit of excellence, client satisfaction, and team development, making him a standout Mortgage Manager.

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