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The difference between regulated and unregulated bridging loans

There are two types of bridging loans – regulated and unregulated. Lenders providing regulated loans must conform to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and regulations.

Six common questions about bridging finance

For many individuals and businesses, their knowledge of business finance is somewhat limited. Some common question they may ask before applying for a loan are listed and

Slow commercial mortgage lenders could lose business

A commercial property loan currently takes around 53 days to complete. For many borrowers, this can be too long. It can be especially difficult if the commercial property has been bought at auction when the purchase needs to be completed within 28 days. There are many reasons why lenders can be slow. Valuation reports can...

How a bridging finance broker can help property developers

If you develop property, it’s helpful to use a bridging broker to arrange to provide funds to finance your projects. There are a

Bridging finance can help if your house sale falls through

The nightmare scenario for many people is when the sale of their house fails at the final hurdle, leaving them without the necessary funds to purchase their new home. A study by Which? discovered

How bridging finance can help when a loan application has been refused

There are many reasons why someone gets turned down for a traditional loan such as a mortgage or a bank loan. If you have been refused a loan, however, it’s possible you could qualify for

Can smaller bridging lenders provide a quicker service?

When a borrower wants to arrange a bridging loan quickly, a smaller lender may be able to act more quickly than larger ones. A bridging loan is

How bridging finance can help low cash flow

Cashflow is a major concern for many businesses. Bridging finance enables companies to quickly raise short-term funds until their cash flow improves.

What are regulated bridging loans?

Regulated bridging loans are used to purchase property you are living in or intend to live in. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the loans and has strict rules that lenders must abide by. Unregulated bridging loans are

Two factors to consider before applying for a bridging loan

There are many benefits of using bridging finance for a short-term loan, but there are two main considerations to be aware of before deciding to apply.