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Alternative lender provides commercial mortgage to save local pub

After large lenders would not provide a commercial mortgage for a West Yorkshire pub landlord, an alternative lender stepped in to the rescue, reported in

Popular bridging finance jargon terms explained

If you are applying for bridging finance or are new to bridging loans, there are several words and phrases that may be unfamiliar. Here is an explanation of what these

How property developers use bridging finance

Developers use bridging finance for a range of reasons when buying or developing property for a profit. Speed Many property deals are

How a business can use a bridging loan

Some people think that a bridging loan can be used by a business only to purchase property. While you can use one to purchase commercial property, there are many other ways that a bridging loan can help your

When do you need closed bridging finance?

An open bridging loan has no fixed repayment date, but is still a short-term loan that must be repaid before the loan period ends. A closed bringing loan, on the other hand, has a clear repayment date.

A guide to getting a bridging loan with a poor credit history

A difficult financial economy has meant that many individuals have debts. If they have difficulties repaying their debts, they are likely to run up a poor credit record. This affects their ability to

A bridging loan can help you buy unmortgageable property

Most people and property investors purchase homes by using a mortgage, but there are several types of property that mortgage lenders regard as ineligible. If a buyer does not have cash, a bridging loan can

What are the timescales for bridging finance?

A major benefit of bridging finance is that a borrower can have the loan funds available much more quickly than with most conventional loans, but how soon is it possible?

The key role of bridging loans when mortgages are delayed

There are all kinds of reasons why mortgage applications get delayed. Bridging loans can be arranged quickly and are useful to complete purchases while waiting for mortgage funds to

How bridging loans are helping developers meet demand for homes

There is an undersupply of houses to meet current and expected future demand. Bridging loans could be the key to providing funds to build new homes and to renovate