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Why you should use a bridging finance broker

There are many bridging lenders who you can approach directly to arrange bridging finance, but there are significant advantages to using a bridging finance broker. Protection The best

When should I use closed bridging finance?

Closed bridging loans are short-term deals that have a fixed repayment date. There are a number of reasons for using them, and this article will

Your bridging loan – the complete process

If you need to purchase property or to fund renovations, a bridging loan offers a quick and flexible solution. There are a number of stages that start with a loan enquiry and finish with the funds becoming available. Enquiry The first part of the bridging loan process is to call Ascot Mortgages to discuss your...

Seven uses for bridging finance

Bridging loans are short-term flexible loans, and the reasons why you might need them are manifold. Here are seven of them:

Should you use closed bridging finance?

There are two types of short-term bridging loans – closed and open. Open bridging loans do not have a fixed repayment date, though they are still short-term loans. Closed bridging loans have a

How can a bridging loan complete a house sale?

Most bridging loans are used to move into a new property without needing to wait until an existing property is sold. At Ascot Mortgages, we can arrange a

Seven reasons to use bridging finance

There are several reasons for bridging finance, and we’ve come up with seven of the most pertinent. If you need a bridging loan for any of these reasons, discuss your

The changing shape of bridging loans interest rates

For most standard mortgages there is a fixed interest rate available for borrowers, but this is not the case for bridging loans. When applying for a

When should you use closed bridging finance?

Closed bridging finance has a fixed repayment date, and this means there are occasions when it is more suitable to be used than open bridging finance. Typical use A closed bridging loan can be used when the borrower is certain of the date when funds will be available to repay the loan. A typical situation...

Five frequently asked questions on bridging loans

A bridging loan is a short-term loan mainly used for property transactions, but not confined to property. We find that there are five questions about bridging loans perhaps asked more than any other: