Interest rate rises could have little effect on commercial property investing

If the Bank of England raises the interest rate in May 2018, this should not significantly affect the commercial property market. There has been wide speculation that The Bank of England will raise interest rates by a small percentage in May 2018. The governor of the bank, Mark Carney has said that there will be...

The difference between regulated and unregulated bridging loans

There are two types of bridging loans – regulated and unregulated. Lenders providing regulated loans must conform to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and regulations.

Following stock market helps commercial property research

There are many types of commercial property available. Research on the stock market can reportedly help identify the most profitable commercial property sectors.

Six common questions about bridging finance

For many individuals and businesses, their knowledge of business finance is somewhat limited. Some common question they may ask before applying for a loan are listed and

Commercial property values increase in first quarter of 2018

Figures released by the CBRE Monthly Index show that capital values of commercial property increased by an average

Half of landlords want to diversify portfolio

Recent research discovered that in the last six months more than half (51%) of mortgage brokers have had enquiries from landlords who want loans to diversify

Converting offices to residential homes could ease housing shortage

There is a shortage of housing in Britain. An increasing number of investors are converting office space to residential use

Landlords finding it difficult to get cheaper rates

Landlords can find commercial mortgages at less than 2%, but not all landlords qualify

Five key reasons to invest in property

Millionaire and founder of Fielding Finance, Gill Fielding, has said there are five key reasons why she believes property is still the safest place to put your money

Government pressure on home builders increasing finance demand

The government is urging housebuilders to build more homes, and this is increasing demand for development finance. The government has a target