Some frequently asked questions about mortgage insurance

The largest debt that most households have is the mortgage. To keep up the monthly mortgage payments usually requires one or more members of the household need to have a full-time job, but what happens if you or

The changing shape of bridging loans interest rates

For most standard mortgages there is a fixed interest rate available for borrowers, but this is not the case for bridging loans. When applying for a

When should you use closed bridging finance?

Closed bridging finance has a fixed repayment date, and this means there are occasions when it is more suitable to be used than open bridging finance. Typical use A closed bridging loan can be used when the borrower is certain of the date when funds will be available to repay the loan. A typical situation...

Twice as many buy-to-let mortgage products for limited companies as last year

According to a May 2017 article, the number of buy-to-let mortgage deals for limited companies has doubled in a year. Landlords have faced

Five frequently asked questions on bridging loans

A bridging loan is a short-term loan mainly used for property transactions, but not confined to property. We find that there are five questions about bridging loans perhaps asked more than any other:

How landlords can avoid by victim to ‘property hijacking’

A new type of housing fraud that can affect landlords has been highlighted by Lucy Warwick-Ching, writing in the Daily Star in May 2017. The practice is known as

Why you should use a bridging loan broker

There are many bridging loan providers all offering different kinds of loans, so it’s just as well that a bridging loan broker can make the process of finding the best deal easier. A bridging loan is a

How to make buy-to-let investments profitable

According to Mollie Milman, writing on the website in May 2017, there are three reasons why it can still be profitable to invest in

The ever-evolving world of bridging finance

Bridging loans used to be regarded as loans of last resort that were mainly used to complete the purchase of a new house while waiting for an existing house to be sold. It is true that many bridging loans are

IMLA wants more government support for builders

The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (Imla) has called on the government to help house builders. These is a lack of new houses being built to