Using semi-commercial property to end commuting

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Most people find commuting to work stressful. Living and working in semi-commercial property is a way to end the stress of commuting.

The website,, has highlighted the health costs of commuting. They report that long hours of commuting, especially if driving, can result in high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders. They also claim that long commuting times can increase the risk of heart attacks, flu and depression. They recommend many ways to cope with the effects of commuting.

One obvious solution Safe Workers endorses, is to work from home full- or part-time if this is possible. Buying a semi-commercial property that provides a mix of business and residential areas means the owner can run a business and live in the same building. Typical businesses include retail shops with accommodation, B&Bs, boarding kennels, beauty clinics and car repair garages with accommodation above the workshop.

If the purchaser of semi-commercial property is the sole occupier, then a commercial mortgage can be used to finance the purchase. Commercial mortgages are available for individuals and limited companies.

If the buyer intends to stay in a residential unit and rent out other residential areas, then they may qualify for a buy to let mortgage for what is classed as a home of multiple occupation.

If you want to buy a semi-commercial property so that you can give up commuting, then an insurance broker can advise you on the best type of mortgage for your needs.

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