UK leading the way in attracting European staff and employers

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Despite uncertainties over Brexit, the UK remains the top country to attract businesses and employees, reported The Guardian in October 2017.

Research by Colliers International found that in terms of talent, living standards and location, London is the top of the list of 50 popular European cities. Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol also rank in the top 20.

A director of Colliers International, Simon Ford, said:

“In the face of negative reports surrounding the UK’s political, social, economic and country risk issues, our research demonstrates that the country as a whole remains in a particularly strong position.”

He said that in London, workplaces have been created to help build businesses and attract the best talent.

Damian Harrington, head of Collier’s European research, recognises that setting up and running a business in the UK has become riskier after Brexit. There are concerns that some multinational businesses will move to other cities in Europe when Britain leaves the European Union in order to have easy access to the single European market. Despite these fears, the UK remains the lowest risk European country in which to operate a business. Harrington said:

“[The] added benefit of far more flexible labour laws means UK cities take a very strong standing.”

To satisfy the high demand for office and other workspaces by new businesses setting up in the UK, there needs to be more commercial property available to rent. There are plenty of lenders offering commercial mortgages at competitive interest rates to help finance purchases.

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