Two specialist areas for property investors to consider

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There are two niche areas that are attractive to property investors but require expert knowledge.

Firstly, the care home sector is growing. The population is living longer, but not all elderly people are in good health, so are needing to live in care homes. There are opportunities for new care homes and existing ones to build extensions, but this is an area that requires skilled knowledge.

The second specialist area is retail. This sector has been hit by the rise of online shopping, and this has put off many investors. Many secondary locations are not doing well but retail spaces in major cities and population centres are still enjoying brisk business. Some out of town shopping areas are doing well.

If detailed research is carried out, and a sound business plan produced, commercial mortgage lenders will be prepared to look at a commercial mortgage application for care homes or shops. It helps to have a thorough knowledge and preferably experience in these business areas. Investors need to have knowledge of the history and future forecasts for the business sector they are investing in.

Though some lenders may have reservations about the retail sector, if a borrower can present a good case for why a proposed retail investment deal can be profitable, the lender will be prepared to consider the proposal

For all commercial property deals, it helps to use a mortgage broker who can negotiate on behalf of their client to find the best commercial mortgage deals.

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