TV property expert gives tips on buying and selling houses

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Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp present the Channel 4 show ‘Location, Location, Location’, which helps members of the public find their dream home. After many years working on the program, Spencer is an expert on buying and selling houses, and recently offered some helpful tips on the subject.

The first impression of a house is the outside. People will often drive past a house and if it looks a mess, then they will not bother to make an appointment to view the inside.

According to Phil, the most common mistake when buying a house is not considering storage. You may have found what seems like your dream house, but if there is not enough storage space, the house will soon look cluttered.

Another point to consider is the future. If a couple is planning to start a family, then there needs to be enough room for another bedroom. There could also be the need for a room if an elderly relative needs looking after.

A house needs to be balanced. If there are enough bedrooms, but not enough space for everyone’s activities downstairs, then this is a bottom-heavy house.

Spencer does not have problems with space in his own house; it was recently reported that he has bought a six-bedroom £3.35m Hampshire mansion set in 10 acres of land, with its own cinema and tennis court.

Our tip? When buying your dream home, make sure that it is protected by taking out mortgage protection insurance.

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