Specialist lenders cater to the agricultural sector

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Farmers often need access to loans, and a specialist lender can meet their needs.

A lender with knowledge of agriculture and rural industries can help farmers in various ways. Farmers may need money to purchase farmland, property, and livestock. Others need to diversify to add more income streams to their business.

Bridging loans have been used by farmers to finance alternative energy projects. The loan can be used to start the construction of alternative energy projects, then converted to a longer-term loan after stages of the project have been completed.

A lender that understands a particular industry is in a good position to be able to assess a loan inquiry. For some situations, a farmer requires a long-term loan or commercial mortgage, but often a short-term bridging loan is the answer to quickly raising capital. It helps if the specialist lender has an in-depth knowledge of farming issues so that they can give fair and informed decisions on loan applications.

Long-term farming tenants often have the right to buy their land at discount prices. Loans can be raised based on the market price of the land rather than the discount price.

A broker should be able to find the best bridging loan deal from a specialist lender who has knowledge of farming and rural affairs. Those in other industries will also find that a broker is the best place to go to find a loan deal suitable for their particular industry.

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