Report claims websites deter people seeking mortgage

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A report published in June 2017 has criticised mortgage company websites saying they are letting down users.

Dock9 is the design agency that published the report. It claims that 53% of mortgage websites are not optimised for mobile or tablet users. They said that many mortgage company websites provide poor customer service. Websites should be responsive and adapt to smaller mobile screen sizes. Dock9 says that 65% of mortgage sites do not are not responsive or are partly responsive. This makes them slower to navigate for users.

The report said some of the worst offenders were from major brands including Santander, Nationwide and NatWest.

Many mortgage lenders have defended their sites. They have criticised the report for its small sample of just 17 sites. NatWest said:

“We received a five-star rating at the Financial Adviser Service Awards with one of the criteria based on our online service.”

Other mortgage lenders have made the point that the majority of people looking for a standard or commercial mortgage do not use websites to find a mortgage. Most use mortgage brokers and prefer to communicate face to face or by telephone with an advisor.

Commercial mortgages can be complex. Talking to an expert advisor at a mortgage broker is much better than using an online application process. Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of commercial mortgage lenders and mortgage products that are not available through lenders’ websites.

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