We are specialists in securing high loan-to-value mortgage deals for first time buyers who have low deposits, Our low deposit 90% mortgages are a great way to get your first foot on the property ladder! Ascot also look at what type of mortgage suits you best, with some customers preferring a fixed rate mortgage to give long term stability, such as 85% LTV fixed rate mortgages or for longer term security with 5 year fixed mortgage payments look at 5 year fixed rate mortgages giving the ultimate in peace of mind with long term fixed payments. Many customers who have had a fixed rate mortgage prefer to keep their payments steady, and opt to secure a new fixed rate mortgage when their current fixed rate mortgage comes to an end. For customers looking for the best value remortgage deals with at least 30% equity should look enquire about 70% LTV remortgages this is where you can find some of the best mortgage deals currently on the market.

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