Nine out of ten do not have income protection insurance

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According to Kevin Cash, writing in The Financial Times in February 2017, 90% of the population of Britain does not have any form of income protection. This is particularly worrying for mortgage holders who may not be able to keep up with their payments if they cannot work through sickness or injury.

Cash suggests that the insurance business should take a lesson from British Airways, who a few years ago were not well regarded. After improving their image, the company has been the top most loved brand for the past three years. The Centre for Brand Analysis says that this is because British Airways has had a “consistently strong performance”.

Most people are aware of what British Airways does. In contrast, Cash believes that the average person does not have a clear idea about what income protection insurance is. This means that protection insurance is “sold” to people rather than people seeking it out.

One misconception that people have is that insurance companies are reluctant to pay out claims. Many insurance companies are now publishing their successful claim rates, with some paying out on as many as 96% of all income protection claims.

Many people first hear about income protection and mortgage protection insurance when arranging a mortgage. Cash says that there is an opportunity for insurance providers to market to people renting their accommodation.

There are several initiatives by the insurance industry that aim to raise the profile of protection insurance. A broker can provide advice about the protection insurance options.

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