Nearly half prefer property to a pension

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A recent survey by the Office for National Statistics found that nearly half (49%) of people asked said that property investing was a better means to prepare for retirement than putting money in a pension fund.

Another survey, carried out by Rathbone Investment Management of 500 high wealth individuals found that a quarter of them had acquired their wealth through property investing or purchasing land. These investments should provide a decent retirement income.

Property investing is not without risk. There have been changes in the buy to let market that have increased costs for landlords, higher stamp duty and reduction in tax relief. This has put some landlords off investing in new property. There were 19% fewer commercial mortgages for buy to let landlords in March 2018.

If investors invest large amounts in property purchases in one area, they will not do well if property prices in the area go down or rents are stagnant. Successful investors diversify by owning different types of property in various areas to spread the risk.

Some people without a large capital to invest, but who want to make money from the property market, are investing in property funds. Over £26 billion was invested in property funds in March 2018 according to the Investment Association.

Many buy to let landlords are buying commercial property and mixed-use property that includes commercial and residential space.

As long as investors minimise the risks, property investing is still attractive to people who want to create extra wealth for when they retire.

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