Hospitality firms can use bridging loans to cope with the January low

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Christmas is a busy time for the hospitality trade, but there is often a downturn in business during January. It can also be a period when major bills need to be paid.

Many small restaurants are run by self-employed owners who may be faced with paying a large tax bill at the end of January. Many businesses must also pay the last quarter of 2016 rent in the New Year. If your business struggles financially in January, a bridging loan could be the answer to cope with the January blues.

If the business does not have enough cash to cover January’s bills, then some suppliers may be open to delayed payments, or invoice finance companies can be used to pay outstanding invoices.

Bridging finance is designed to take care of short-term cash flow problems. Bridging loans are quick to arrange, and interest rates are low. The best way to obtain one is by using a broker who can match a business’ requirements to the right lender. Often, brokers have access to bridging deals not available directly from lenders or via price comparison sites.

To secure a bridging loan, a company needs to show that it will be able to repay the loan and when it can do so. Hospitality business often have special offers and deals in January and increase marketing activities to attract more customers, but they may still need a little extra help in the form of a bridging loan.

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