Five key reasons to invest in property

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Millionaire and founder of Fielding Finance, Gill Fielding, has said there are five key reasons why she believes property is still the safest place to put your money


1. Puts you in the driving seat

Although buy to let investors may use agents to manage their property, Gill Fielding says that essentially property is an investment that you control. You say how and when things happen.

2. Rental yields are higher

Rental yields and returns tend to be higher on property than other investments.

3. It’s easy to become a property investor

With commercial mortgages easily available, you do not need a lot of start-up capital to start investing in property.

4. Good capital gains

Property prices tend to rise. At times when there is a dip in the stock market, property prices can still increase. Money can be made both by rental income and capital gains.

5. You can leave a wealth-generating asset to your family

Property, unlike money, can mean your children having a guaranteed income if you leave it to them in your will.

Like most investments, there is no 100% guarantee that property will provide long-term profits but is it a low risk way to earn more than putting your money into a high interest bank savings account.

Most towns and cities have reasonably priced property that can be bought to rent. Some investors buy cheap rundown property that they can renovate to increases its value and make a profit.

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