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At Ascot Mortgages, we believe that finding the best mortgage plan for your financial situation and intention should not be a difficult and daunting job. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to considered advice from experienced experts – helping them make a decision which will allow them to secure a mortgage without crippling them financially.

Because of this belief we have developed this video, which offers practical advice for people looking to find the best mortgage. Whether you are looking to find a mortgage for your first home or want to re-mortgage your house to aid cash flow, we think there are certain principles which should always be considered when seeking finance.

As an independent mortgage broker, we don’t have any quotas to fill or obligations to lenders. This means that we offer you 100% honest advice, dictated purely by your circumstances and the deals which will best suit your financial situation and requirements.

Our advice and guidance can help you avoid the most common mortgage pitfalls – ensuring you pick a deal which benefits you in the short term and long term alike. From making sure you check the small print to how to react to an ever-changing marketplace, we offer the advice we would heed ourselves when investing in property.

For four decades we have been offering advice to home buyers, and have seen everything the industry has to offer, so have accrued plenty of experience which we are more than happy to share with you.

Obviously we couldn’t fit in everything we have learned about mortgages in the 40 years we have spent in the industry – so if you are looking for the best mortgage deal for your situation, fill in the fields below or call our dedicated team on 01925 711 558 now.

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