Clear Your Desk Friday webinars help brokers speak with specialists

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Most loan applications that mortgage brokers deal with are straightforward, but sometimes they have clients whose finance requirements are more complex or unusual. To help brokers, BrightStar Finance has launched a series of webinars called Clear Your Desk Friday.

The Clear Your Desk Friday webinars are a call to clear all loan applications by the end of the week at the latest. A panel of lenders that offer residential, buy to let, bridging finance and commercial mortgages will provide guides to lending in their specialist areas.

Brightstar’s head of marketing, Michelle Westley, told brokers:

“Nowadays, there’s no excuse for difficult cases to linger on a broker’s desk as competition is rife in the specialist market and lenders are hungry to lend. So, if you are struggling with a problem case, take part in our webinar at the end of this week and you could find that you clear your desk this Friday.”

Amongst the subjects covered by the webinars in the September to November 2018 period are masterclasses in buy to let lending for limited companies, second charge mortgages, bridging finance and buy-to-let taxation issues.

With so many different lending products from a variety of lenders, brokers can struggle to keep up to date with all the changes in the finance market. The Clear Your Desk Fridays webinars aims to make it easier for brokers to update their product knowledge.

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