Birmingham is a European property investment hotspot

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Birmingham has become one of the best property investment locations in Europe. It now ranks above London as the most popular European region to invest in property.

Large international companies such as Deutsche Bank and HSBC are relocating head offices to Birmingham. One of the main attractions for these companies is Birmingham’s central location that provides easy access to the whole of Britain. The HS2 rail project will provide quicker travel times to the city, with 49-minute journeys from London. Any business locating to Birmingham can still easily maintain connections with London.

There are many opportunities for property investors in the city. Approximately 65,000 students attend five Birmingham universities and two university colleges, and this has created a high demand for student accommodation.

There is a lack of homes to meet the demand for people wanting to own their own homes. House prices are rising higher on average than the rest of the UK. It is taking longer for first time buyers to save enough deposit to purchase their own homes. Many people continue to rent, and this provides buy to let investment opportunities.

Because of Birmingham’s central position, it is a good area for fulfillment centres that dispatch online orders. There is a high demand for warehouse property.

Birmingham has the youngest population in Europe with 45.7% of the population under 30. Property suitable for leisure activities to serve this demographic is needed.

There are many commercial mortgage lenders that provide finance to purchase commercial property in Birmingham.

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