Advice for the first-time property investor

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The website advises entrepreneurs on starting businesses, and a September 2016 article from Marcus Turner Jones on the website advises new property investors.

Jones writes that property is predicted to increase in value over the next few years, so now could be a good time to invest. Some experts think that when Britain eventually leaves the EU, prices could drop, so some owners may decide to sell their property at a profit within a year or two.

People contemplating investing in property will need capital to purchase properties. There are several options available.

If investing in non-residential property such as offices, warehouses and shops, a commercial mortgage can be used to buy property. If you already have a business that is profitable, Jones says that it will likely be easier to get a commercial mortgage.

Buy-to-let mortgages are ideal for purchasing residential or commercial property that will be rented out after the purchase.

Many lenders specialise in auction finance and provide loans for people bidding on properties at auctions. Most auction houses will require full payment within four weeks.

For new build developments, a number of public sector funding options are available, including the Private Finance Initiative and the Private Developer Schemes.

For short-term lending to cover such matters as refurbishments, or to secure a property at auction, bridging loans are available.

If you want to become a property developer and are looking for a loan, consult a mortgage broker, who can advise on the best sources of finance.

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