A look at Rightmove’s most unusual North West offerings

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The property website Rightmove offers much more than houses, as the Manchester Evening News noted this month.

There are several plots of

land available on the website. Land that comes with planning permissions sells at high prices, but it is possible to buy land without planning permission much cheaper.

For example, seven acres of land in Swinton, Manchester can be purchased for £75,000, but as it is designated green belt land, it cannot be built on. People who may be interested in buying this land are investors who gamble on the green belt restrictions being lifted under the government initiative, which allows councils to free up some green belt land in order to meet their housing targets. If this were to applied to Swinton, the land would be worth much more than £75,000.

Dean Mills Reservoir and the surrounding land in Bolton is for sale at £10,000. It is only three miles from the town centre, but has no road and can only be accessed by foot. It is unclear what the new owner could do with the land.

An underground parking space in Manchester City centre is available for £15,000. If the owner does not want to park their car, it could be rented out for about £80 a month.

A cheaper alternative to buy-to-let property are rooms in hotels, which can be purchased from £50,000 with sellers claiming that they can achieve up to a 10% annual return.

To purchase these and other non-mainstream items on Rightmove, there are specialist lenders who provide commercial mortgages.

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